Nikita Von James and Friend For a Threesome

Monday, April 15, 2013

When Nikita Von James and her best girl crush decided they wanted some hard cock, they went out and found themselves the best stud they could. These two girls still can’t keep their hands off each other, but having a hard banging cock to share does them both a lot of good.

Nikita Von James likes to make sure all her sexual partners are well satisfied, so she is happy to use her mouth and her hands and her sweet and juicy pussy to her full and talented ability.

Nikita Von James is the kind of lover every person dreams about. She’s hot, sexy, experienced, adventurous, and her rocking body is utterly lickable, kissable, and fuckable. She is a sexy piece of art in action.

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Nikita Von James Official Site

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nikita Von James knows how to get down and dirty like no other babe in the biz and she proves it inside her Official Site:

Do you love my pictures and videos? Do you wonder if I’m really this naughty in person? I guarantee I am, and I have special skills I love to show off for my special fans. Check out my official site and you’ll be in for all kinds of hot and spicy fun!

Nikita Von James Fucks Herself While Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bleached blonde slut Nikita Von James can’t get enough pussy stuffing. She hasn’t had sex in a while, so it’s due time that she takes care of things herself. She slips into some sexy black lingerie to get herself in the mood. The thin fabric grazes along her nipples, making her even more excited.

Putting her hand to her panties, she can feel the heat coming from her pussy. She knows it’s aching to be fucked. Pornstar Nikita Von James doesn’t waste much time. She whips those big fake tits out and starts rubbing her glass dildo between them. She wished that was a real dick tit-fucking her.

With the panties off, she spreads her pussy open. After a little teasing, she plunges that long sex toy deep into her cunt. The in and out of the dildo dries her insane – cumming over and over again!

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Nikita Von James Wants You to Pump Her Pussy

Monday, April 1, 2013

All you have to do is look at her face to see, Nikita Von James is horny for you. She’s already mostly naked and ready for some serious action – if you are man enough to give her the hard thrusting action she so richly deserves. It’s hard to deny a woman as hot as Nikita Von James. From her penetrating eyes down to her gigantic tits, down to her sweet and tight little cooze just waiting to be filled up with a big juicy man sausage.

If Nikita Von James is truly pleased with everything you do for her, she will repay it in spades. This woman will never leave you unsatisfied. In fact, she’ll make you cum so hard, you’ll wonder if you need an IV to replace the fluids you lost!

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Nikita Von James Has a Cock Gagging Good Time

Monday, March 18, 2013

When Nikita Von James has the chance to enjoy some huge cock in her mouth, she’s ready. She will suck that man-meat like there is no tomorrow. She gets even more hot and bothered when she feels man mouth and tongue all over her sweet and salty pussy, sucking her pussy juice hungrily and getting Nikita Von James all ready for some deep penetrating action.

Finally, that hot cock is thrusting into her, driving Nikita over the edge with every thrust until her cunt walls are clenching with one amazing orgasm after another. Nikita Von James is one woman who is truly insatiable, but when her man can’t take it anymore, she happily and eagerly licks up ever drop of his hot and salty spunk after he sprays it all over her.

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Nikita Von James Strips from Bikini for Pussy Fuck

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nikita Von James is one smoking hot blonde pornstar babe and seeing her sexy curves in that tiny pink and black bikini is totally delicious. But then she starts stripping out of the tiny bits of material, showing off those luscious titties and hot ass, and if you aren’t hard from that, you aren’t paying attention!

This babe is in a hardcore horny mood! She is ready to get her sex groove on with a nice hard dildo right in her wet pussy where she needs it the most. Nikita Von James fucking her sweet sloppy cunt until she squirts is just what you want to see the most!

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Nikita Von James is Pretty Sexy in Pink

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nikita Von James is ready to get her freak on with you! This horny woman is hot for action and you are just the one to give it to her. She’ll happily strip for you and show you how. Nikita Von James is an expert at getting what she wants from the men in her life.

She’ll give you a smile as big as her gigantic titties until you are hard and ripe and ready to stuff your throbbing hunk of man meat deep inside where she’s hot and wet and ready to receive. This woman is the queen of positions.

She can please you with all her many holes and she’s even built for some hot action titty fucking too. When you want a real woman, Nikita Von James is the hot chick with hottest twat.

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Nikita Von James Knows How to Please the Boss

Monday, February 18, 2013

If you see Nikita Von James in action at work, you know why she gets a raise so often. It’s because she gives her boss at least one amazing raise every day. Whether it comes from her talented sucking ability or her huge tits just made for good titty fucking, or the way she spreads her legs, allowing him access to her tight, wet cooze, Nikita Von James knows exactly what her boss needs and how to give it to him.

Not all office assistants care this much about using all their skills to please the boss. That’s what makes Nikita Von James stand out as something special. There is no replacing a woman this talented.

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Nikita Von James Sucks Her Way to Job Security

Monday, February 4, 2013

Poor Nikita Von James really screwed up some paperwork and her boss is really pissed. In fact, he’s mad enough to consider firing her. But Nikita Von James knows just what to do to keep her job, and as soon as she gets her plush lips wrapped around her boss’s cock, while also sharing her huge and plentiful titties with him, she knows everything is going to be okay.

Nikita Von James can suck cock like there’s no tomorrow, and she gives it her all this time. This boss isn’t going to know what hit him by the time she’s done spoiling his cock with all her hot sucking and titty stroking fun. When she’s done, he’ll be saying, “what paperwork?”

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Nikita Von James Gives At The Office

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nikita Von James never really learned how to type, file, or do shorthand. Interestingly enough, however, this has never interfered with her ability to keep a good office job. This sexy blonde has enough other assets to keep her bosses happy. First off, she’s got a rocking body and a great face. But Nikita Von James’ largest assets by far are her amazing breasts. They are so large, sucking on them can take a week.

If the boss is worth his position, he is up to the challenge of this hot assed sexetary with the brightest and best assets around. Nikita Von James can give better dick-tation than all of her fellow secretaries put together.

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Nikita Von James Plays Dress-Up

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nikita Von James tries to look respectable, but even then, her clothes are so sexy hot, and her boobs so incredibly large, that the woman just oozes amazing sex appeal. Nikita Von James is the kind of woman that every man would like to fuck. She’s just got that hot and aching bitch look about her that drives most men crazy wild with horny hard-on flesh.

She loves knowing that she has that effect on men and when she knows they are watching her and lusting after her, it makes her wildly horny. The only think more dangerous than Nikita Von James in her normal state is Nikita when she’s horny. This woman obviously takes a while to satisfy!

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Nikita Von James Has Some Hot Girl On Girl Action

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sometimes even Nikita Von James gets tired of cock and wants a little bit of a change. That’s when she gets together with one of her best girlfriends to see what kind of girl-on-girl trouble she can get herself into. Nikita Von James loves the feel of a woman’s soft skin and curves sometimes. It’s a wonderful contrast to the hard muscles and pressing flesh of a man.

The tantalizing softness of a woman’s lips caressing her skin drives her crazy with desire, and Nikita Von James just loves the taste of hot cunt juice. When she gets her fill, it’s back to the boys, but for now, the girls are in the house, and they are playing hard!

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Nikita Von James Knows Her Pussy Rules Over All

Monday, December 17, 2012

When Nikita Von James came into the business she now heads, she knew she’d face issues with the original owner Ramon, down the road. Well he’s out of jail now and ready to take back what’s his – only thing is, Nikita Von James has something to say about that. She’s using her wits and tits to put this man in his place!

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Nikita Von James is Dressed For Fucking

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nikita Von James is wearing her black stockings and that’s a sure sign that she’s in the mood for sex. An even bigger sign is the way her lips wrap around the giant cock she’s found to play with. She likes to suck cock and feel it get harder and bigger against her tongue. When her partner is ready, she lays back so he can spread her cunt lips apart to his satisfaction, loving the way her hole stretches just for him.

Suddenly he’s driving that hot man flesh deep within Nikita Von James’ velvet walls, feeling all her wetness caressing every inch of his cock. She rides him and lets him take her from behind until Nikita Von James has cum to her own satisfaction. Then it’s his turn to get off anywhere he would like.

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Nikita Von James Drives Men Crazy

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dr. Nikita Von James has treated many patients since she’s been a doc here at Brazzers asylum. There’s one special patient that’s just moved in, Billy. He seems to find himself irresistible to women – doesn’t matter where he goes or what he does, but bitches are always wanting to bounce or gag on that massive rod of his. Dr. Nikita Von James thinks she can solve his problem but instead we learn she’s just a whore like the others.

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